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How Do You Pick A Lock Without Lock Picks?

There will be times when you will find yourself on the erroneous side of a locked door and the worst part would be that you do not even have the keys.

Then the only solution that you might think of is calling a locksmith near you for residential locksmith door service.

There are chances that you may not find one or his visit can be just too expensive.

Here are some ways using which you can unlock a door without a lock pick.

But before that, make sure that you use these methods only for your home doors.

Breaking into someone else’s premises is a crime.

Opening the door with the help of household items:

The household items that you can use to open the doors are hair clips, bobby pins and sometimes you can even make use of paper clips.

First, straighten the pin or the clip. Now the last 1/8th part has to be bent at an angle of 20 degrees.

If there is any plastic material at the tip of the pin then make sure that you scrape it.

The straight end of the pin has to be inserted into the keyhole.

Now take one more bobby pin or clip. Open it and bend it into L shape.

This will be a tension wrench.

You can also make use of items like screwdrivers as a tension wrench.

Now insert the shorter part of the tension wrench into the lower part of the keyhole.

Now apply little tension in the direction in which the key would rotate.

You need to maintain this tension.

Now the top part of the lock has to be picked with up and down motion.

You will hear clicks as the pins in the lock are raised.

When all the pins are raised the tension wrench will rotate with ease and will open the lock.

This way of opening the lock will, however, need lots of practice.

Opening the door with the help of a laminated card:

For this, you will need a stiff plastic card.

Do not use your actual debit or credit card as it can get damaged.

Slide the card between the door and the door jammer. Try to slide the card downwards. The card will press the latch and the door will get opened.

This works only on regular key locks. It will not work on the deadbolt.

You also need to be lucky to successfully open the door with a card. This may or may not work every time.

These are some of the ways using which you can try to open the locked door on your own. But these methods need a lot of practice.

But it will be good if you know this method if you are in a tricky situation like your small kid is locked inside the house or any other such situation.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that you must use these methods only for a legitimate purpose.

We are able to unlock doors in commercial areas including complex door locks. Push bar installations that add a security layer from outside visitors can be unlocked as well.

Having issues with your door lock? 1st Pick Locksmith Service is available to take your call 24-7. Call now.


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