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Car Key Cutting Services – Everything You Need To Know

Modern-day car keys are certainly different from our grandparents’ car keys, and as such, more refined car key cutting services have evolved. While technology has created convenience and ease, that doesn’t come without some frustrations…losing our keys or misplacing them when we need them urgently is a common problem these days. Smart keys and fobs make it a lot easier for us to throw our keys in a pocket only to have them turn up days later, if at all.

With so many options out there and such a wide range of keys, we wanted to break down for you, the types of automotive keys and car key cutting services so that you’re in the know if you ever need to be.

Transponder Keys

Transponder Keys

If your car has been made in the last 20 years, chances are you have a transponder key. Sometimes called chip keys, immobilizer keys or programmable keys, this type of key uses microchip technology to send low-level frequencies to ensure it matches up with a pre-assigned manufacturer’s serial number. You can also lock and unlock your car remotely. These keys were designed specifically for auto-theft purposes, by making the car impossible to hot wire.

These keys are battery operated. If the key stops working, your first step in troubleshooting should be to change the battery. Replacement keys can be cut and repairs can be made by a certified locksmith at a much lower cost than most dealerships.

Laser Cut Keys

Also referred to as sidewinder keys or high-security keys, these keys use the same anti-theft technology as transponder keys. Like transponder keys, laser cut keys allow for keyless entry into your vehicle. You can easily tell if you have this type of key because it looks like there’s a strip along the center of the metal that is carved out. Laser-cut keys are now the most popular type of modern keys.

These keys tend to be more expensive than transponder keys but again, if you use a certified and trusted automotive locksmith, you’re able to keep your costs to a minimum and achieve the same results.

Smart Keys
Smart keys give you the keyless entry feature that you have with laser cut keys but with a smart key, you also have a remote start so that you can turn your car off from a distance. This can come in handy when you prefer to get into a nice cool car on a hot, sunny day. These types of keys also do not require you to place a key in the ignition.

Given the state-of-the-art technology used in these smart keys and FOB keys, as you can imagine, the replacement cost can be quite expensive. While many people’s first thought would be to contact your auto dealership for a new key, a certified locksmith who specializes in automotive locksmith services can not only get the job done right but quickly and competitively priced.

At 1st Pick Locksmith, we specialize in cutting keys on the spot because we understand that when an emergency strikes, you need us there fast, prepared and ready to get you on your way with as little hassle and disruption as possible. We operate 24/7 so we’re able to get to you quickly with the right equipment and a trained technician.

Laser Cut Keys

FAQ’s About Car Key Cutting

Here are some questions that we get asked. We hope this helps you.

Can I Track My Fob Key?

You would think that with all the technology packed into these car keys, there would be some type of tracking device to help you find your misplaced keys, but alas, there isn’t. Your best bet is to always keep your key in the same place.

How Far Can I Drive Without My Smart Key?

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may be able to drive until you turn your car off, or run out of gas. You will not, however, be able to start your car again, unless your smart key is within the range. Make sure that before you leave, you have the key on you! You don’t want to have to hire car key cutting services unless absolutely necessary.

Need Car Key Cutting? We Can Help

1st Pick Locksmith Service is a licensed and certified car locksmith. As one of the top locksmith companies in Wildomar, we have been trusted by residents of Temecula, Perris, Hemet, and the surrounding area for providing top quality automotive locksmith services. If you’ve lost or damaged your last car key or need a replacement key, look no further. Give us a call and our team will get you back on your way in no time.

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